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Badger’s Five Year Award

Thank you Lisa from all of us for your (now more than) five years with The Fifth.

lisa award 5 years thank you

Happy Explorer Leader

happy Phil by cmbe1
happy Phil, a photo by cmbe1 on Flickr.

Phil Make Fire. Phil Happy.

duchess at training

“If the Duchess can find the time…”

Here’s a quick video and we agree with every word of it!

I sat next to the Duchess at Training…

Ok, not as catchy as the famous limerick that begins in a similar fashion but not even Duchesses get away without doing their training


Everybody in scouting who helps out more than once a month has to do some introductory training and the leaders do even more than that. Every section is led by at least one adult who is either in the middle of, or has finished, a 19 module training scheme that covers everything from the Data Protection Act to camping skills. Don’t worry, it’s all offered in bite-size chunks over a period of a few years.

Don’t let a lack of experience put you off volunteering, you name it and scouting can train you in it.

kate middleton training

There’s a role for everybody in scouting

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Staff Drill at Thunder Troop

A really fun blast from the past for Thunder Troop – Scout staff drill – here was what the PLs worked from:

scout staff drill


and you can check out how successful they were here:

Wood Badge for Rikki Leaders

Today was an important day for The Fifth as three of our leaders were awarded their Wood Badge by Gary the Deputy District Commissioner. The beads are the symbol of completed leader training.

The first Wood Badges were made from beads taken from a necklace that had belonged to a Zulu chief named Dinizulu, which Baden-Powell had found during his time in the Zululand in 1888. When B-P was looking for some token to award to people who went through the Gilwell training course he remembered the Dinizulu necklace and the leather thong given to him by an elderly African at Mafeking.  He took two of the smaller beads, drilled them through the centre, threaded them onto the thong and called it the Wood Badge.

(apologies for the dreadful photo quality)

Adam, Keeley and Andy renewed their promise


Traditionally, the beads are transferred from one leader to another so Gary took them from around his own neck before awarding them to our leaders.

Andy receives his wood badge.

Andy’s late father was a leader at the 5th for many years, he was Assistant Group Scout Leader, Assistant Scout Leader and an Assistant Deputy Commissioner, today would have been a proud day for Dave.

Keeley (Akela) receives her wood badge.


Adam (bagheera) Receives his wood badge

Big thanks to Gary for coming over to do this. You can find out all about the history of the wood badge here (opens as pdf, right click, save as)

Young leader module A… Tick

We are very lucky at The Fifth to have a bunch of teenagers who give up their time to help with the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

Before we set off to camp, we got them together and we worked through the first module of their training.

PLs’ training day

Not many PLs but we still had fun


choosing recipes for the dutch ovens


chicken ready to roast




grace loves her mammock



we sorted out the tarps


roasted bird


baked pudding




followed by some whittling


and we even had time for a game of Kubb

We also put up a tent, played stoolball and more.

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