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Secret Santa

Some great presents to round off a great camp :


Christmas camp

Photo failed to upload from Downe so here is a taste of our weather yesterday :


Washing up fail

King Louis challenged to wash up in 4 minutes … Fail 🙁


Cub Camp Christmas Dinner


Christmas Camp

The sun always shines on the Fifth

And for tonights meeting …

Chil Cubs enjoyed a game of Murder Ball but unfortunately there are no photos worthy of the blog.

Meanwhile Chil eat their crispy cakes politely with a spoon…


Chocolate crispy cakes

So once you’ve made your cakes, feel free to eat them with your hands behind your back.


Fundraise as you shop – please do this

We’ll hear this week how much we raised on the litter picking, we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

In the meantine:

If every family does this and spends £250 on the internet between now and Christmas (including tesco, sainsbury’s, waitrose and asda), we would earn about £300 in a month ish. Just by sitting at a computer.

No effort fundraising:

We get a donation from hundreds of internet shops (all the big ones and many small ones) and it is so easy… you don’t need to register, fill in extra forms etc…

Simplest way

Go to our website: 5bs.org and click of the link at the bottom of the page

or look over there on the right… a big advert, just click click click >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

then just search the shop that you are buying from. It then sorts out all the payments etc…  why not bookmark our page for next time? Just use it as a portal to shop through.

Bookmark this ?

Never miss an opportunity

Download and install the toolbar and it will make sure that you never miss a chance to donate to the 5th and it offers you bargains and deals from the shops you visit.

Click here to get the toolbar

Please take the time to do this. It’s free money for us. Sometimes the donations are quite significant – i bought a bike rack in June from Evans for £140 and in return, we earned over £5 . Lots of £30 purchases add up to lots of £1 donations.  It costs nothing to you.


with the toolbar, i have the opportunity when i visit a page to click ‘yes’ to donate to the 5th. When i do that, it pings me first to a page of voucher codes etc that could save me money. It’s been rather useful on occasion.

Please give this a try. As we say, it’s free money.

LED torches


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