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Fundraise as you shop – please do this

We’ll hear this week how much we raised on the litter picking, we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

In the meantine:

If every family does this and spends £250 on the internet between now and Christmas (including tesco, sainsbury’s, waitrose and asda), we would earn about £300 in a month ish. Just by sitting at a computer.

No effort fundraising:

We get a donation from hundreds of internet shops (all the big ones and many small ones) and it is so easy… you don’t need to register, fill in extra forms etc…

Simplest way

Go to our website: 5bs.org and click of the link at the bottom of the page

or look over there on the right… a big advert, just click click click >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

then just search the shop that you are buying from. It then sorts out all the payments etc…  why not bookmark our page for next time? Just use it as a portal to shop through.

Bookmark this ?

Never miss an opportunity

Download and install the toolbar and it will make sure that you never miss a chance to donate to the 5th and it offers you bargains and deals from the shops you visit.

Click here to get the toolbar

Please take the time to do this. It’s free money for us. Sometimes the donations are quite significant – i bought a bike rack in June from Evans for £140 and in return, we earned over £5 . Lots of £30 purchases add up to lots of £1 donations.  It costs nothing to you.


with the toolbar, i have the opportunity when i visit a page to click ‘yes’ to donate to the 5th. When i do that, it pings me first to a page of voucher codes etc that could save me money. It’s been rather useful on occasion.

Please give this a try. As we say, it’s free money.

Thunder Indoor Pioneering

Some bamboo and string: who can build the tallest tower to support a brick without touching the ceiling?

4th Place

Joint 2nd Place

Joint 2nd Place

1st Place (bit blurred, oops)


[smugmug url=”http://www.scoutsphotos.com/hack/feed.mg?Type=gallery&Data=26677175_TSQcXB&format=rss200″ description=”Check%20out%20all%20the%20pics%20in%20full%20size%20via%20the%20link%20at%20the%20bottom” imagecount=”100″ start=”1″ num=”100″ thumbsize=”Th” link=”lightbox” captions=”false” sort=”true” window=”false” smugmug=”true” size=”M”]

Explorers Karting in Crawley

Brilliant night. Such good fun and something that Phil only runs every couple of years because it is expensive but 14 explorers piled into the minibus for a night of go karting.

Dave was the winner (beating his Dad)


Phil bagged second place

Rob was v chuffed to make it onto the podium in 3rd place

Check the Video of the prizegiving:

And here’s the whole mob

[smugmug url=”http://www.scoutsphotos.com/hack/feed.mg?Type=gallery&Data=26670693_mn3bHb&format=rss200″ description=”Check%20out%20all%20the%20pics%20in%20full%20size%20via%20the%20link%20at%20the%20bottom” imagecount=”100″ start=”1″ num=”100″ thumbsize=”Th” link=”lightbox” captions=”false” sort=”true” window=”false” smugmug=”true” size=”M”]

Nights Away Badges earned this camp

We’ve been counting every night away for every member of The Fifth since they joined, Our beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers have completed a magnificent 2,869 Nights Away between them. This Summer Camp, we’ve been able to give out a big batch of badges this summer to scouts and young leaders who’ve earned them.


75 Nights Away

Sean Hubbard

50 Nights Away

Thomas Colville
Tom Martin

35 Nights Away

Luke Bale
Luke Cavalli
Michael Frost
Samuel Hilton
Charlie Stratford
George Wisniewski-Smith

20 Nights Away

William Andrews
Rory Galley
Matthew Martin
Eoin McLaughlin
Gina Percival
Oliver Ridge
Molly Shooter
Luke Williamson
Thomas Wisniewski-Smith

10 Nights Away

Lizzie Barber
Alfie Bashford
Michael Gough
Billy Groves
Oliver Meade
Caitlin Mullane
Teddy Toynton

5 Nights Away

Louise Mascall
Grace Mullane
Cormac Shipley

Congratulations to all of them!



Tilley fettling

I popped by the hut and found these two hard at work



well-earned cuppa

Each of those lamps would cost 120 quid new and we have 13 of them.


So it’s well worth getting them working again.

Seven years under canvas with The Fifth

How about some facts and figures? Camping is the best thing that we do in scouts and we recognise that with badges for the young people as they move through the sections.

2,464 nights away among our 155 under 18s

That’s nearly 7 years away.

Between the cubs scouts and explorers:

  • only 5 young people have not been on a residential experience with us (and of those 5, 3 joined this term)
  • all the explorers have been on a residential.
  • I don’t include the beavers in this bit because they have 12 who do not have nights away badges but Badger and Squirrel have a sleepover planned next month

29 beavers – 17 have a nights away badge

and a sleepover is planned in July so that will round up the rest of them

  • 11 have 2 or more

Cub Camp 2012 Group Picture

41 cub – 38 have a nights away badge

  • 32 have 5 or more
  • 14 have 10 or more

55 scouts – 53 have a nights away badge

  • 40 have 5 or more
  • 38 have 10 or more
  • 19 have 20 or more
  • 3 have 35 or more

Switzerland Trip 2011 Group Photo

31 explorers – all 31 have a nights away badge

  • 29 have 5 or more
  • 25 have 10 or more
  • 22 have 20 or more
  • 12 have 35 or more
  • 9 have 50 or more
  • 7 have 75 more
  • 1 has 121 nights away

And every single one of these has been run by our 100% volunteer team of leaders

Video planning night

So we set each patrol the challenge of storyboarding a video tonight. Next week they will film them . Each patrol had a leader with them to offer guidance.


matt with his patrol


Chris keeping his team focussed


Nick with his patrol... they had to rework their original idea that contained rather challenging.themes that would prob get a bbfc rating beyond their years.


Louis' mini spielbergs cooking up some silver screen brilliance


Adrian sits back and lets Louise take charge.


Robert's patrol finishing off their storyboard

Homeward bound

the British waterways man turned up at 9.30 but some divvie boaters (not us)  and poor water levels meant that we took a while to get through the locks. Lots of cruising to do today.


the captain's view


lazy days


always time for a handpresso coffee


and on we cruise

Narrowboating end of day 2.


washing up after breakfast


buying candy floss from a boat


jubilee cakes


jubilee boat moored up


we escaped the rain into the pub.


and player some bar games


and now we are in stoke bruerne, moored up for the night. We got stopped by British waterways trying to save water in the locks.

Narrowboating … End of day 2.

Looong day from Leighton buzzard up to the bottom of the Stoke Bruerne flight.


we learned to drive the boat


we learned to work the locks


we found a geocache


we BBQed


and we played a bit of cranium.

Loads of locks tomorrow and the blisworth tunnel. Twice.

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