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Summer camp blogs

Apologies for the lack of a summer camp blog. The site had no mobile signal and there were no hotspots locally.  Hopefully you kept an eye on our Storify page that we’ve just updated again. Instagram pics uploaded occasionally when the wind changed and our phones got a bit of connection, here it is if you missed it (photos and videos to follow during the week):

Click Here for Summer Camp Storify

Happy Explorer Leader

happy Phil by cmbe1
happy Phil, a photo by cmbe1 on Flickr.

Phil Make Fire. Phil Happy.

duchess at training

“If the Duchess can find the time…”

Here’s a quick video and we agree with every word of it!

Tilley lighting @ thunder troop

Sick of the rain. Sick sick sick of it!  But we dug out the newly refurbished tilleys and had a,play with them.






Everybody now smells of paraffin. Highlights for some of the scouts seemed to be the leadercs use of the words ‘knob’ and ‘prick’. Both are perfect words in context… But they seemed to prompt giggles. Sigh.

Lightning troop – fires

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