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Busy Half Term at The Fifth

Quick Update on what we’ve been up to


Those wires are going to be connected to a projector that we have had donated to the group. (Thank you!)


John has been installing covers for the lights, we’ve not had an accident yet but this will protect them from flying tennis balls and enthusiastic pioneering. John cut this all up, painted it and installed it to keep the cost low.


We spent an hour on sunday morning collecting litter – especially these annoying flyers.


A brilliant turnout saw it all done in less than an hour.

Thank you everybody who has been so busy for the scout group.  See you at the Race Night!

Advert for race night

Busy Weekend at The Fifth (Subs, JOTI and Church Parade)


2013_logo-1Jamboree On The Internet

Meet scouts from around the world. 

We have a computer suite set up at the hut.  More info about the event

Friday 7-10pm - Scouts (thunder&lightning troops)
Saturday 9-5pm – Everybody Beavers & Cubs – come along with a parent to take part. Scouts & Explorers – Pop in and take part.
Saturday 5pm – help needed clearing away.

Scouts earn the international award by taking a full part in the event.

Church Parade

Sunday 9.15am at St Edmund’s Beckenham – full uniform please and finished by 10.30


Now due and payable here. Please talk to a leader or somebody else within the group if you would like some help paying.

please tick the gift aid box if you are eligible

Race Night

Back by Popular Demand:

Back by popular demand for another year.

You can sponsor a race, buy a horse and come along on the night. All the fun of horse racing to raise funds for the 5th Beckenham south Scout Group.

All info is on the website http://thefifth.org.uk/race-night/ including how to take part (we take paypal and cheques)

Tell your Facebook friends you are coming and please try to round up some people to make the night its usual storming success.

Jamboree on The Internet 2013 is all set

Joe, Nick and Jack set up the Jambore on the Internet suite last night. The hut is open to all sections on Saturday 9-5. Come along to chat to scouts from around the world.

Working away, 24 machines all ready to go

Working away, 24 machines all ready to go

<img class="size-full wp-image-5507 " title="Looks good, doesn't it? " alt="PANO_20131017_194156" src="https://i2.wp.com/thefifth.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/PANO_20131017_194156.jpg?resize=600%2C186&ssl=1" srcset="https://i2 generic for seroquel.wp.com/thefifth.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/PANO_20131017_194156.jpg?w=600&ssl=1 600w, https://i2.wp.com/thefifth.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/PANO_20131017_194156.jpg?resize=300%2C93&ssl=1 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />

Looks good, doesn’t it? Half the machines were donated by Trinity School and we bought some cast offs from a local school too. We stuck some ram in them last year and they are still excellent machines.


We took off windows and they are running Ubuntu 12.04 and they fly. If you have an old PC in the house, think about switching to a Ubuntu to give your PC a new lease of life. Some German cities are giving our free ubuntu CDs to help their citizens keep their computers running for a bit longer. 

Our gateway to the world.

Our gateway to the world.

ubuntu 12.04: http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/

how to install ubuntu: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/install-desktop-long-term-support

Goodbye PLs and Well Done Jake

It was the last night for our PLs before making the move up to explorers. They were given a very loud BRAVO and now we’re left looking for six new Patrol Leaders. I’m sure we’ll find some shining examples of scouting brilliance, willing, able, always listening and happy to help… that can’t be too tough, can it?!

George, Frank, Sam, Soph, Josh and Loic (plus Tom and Cormac)

George, Frank, Sam, Soph, Josh and Loic (plus Tom and Cormac)

And only a little bit late, here’s Jake being given his Chief Scout’s Silver Award. B-R-A-V-O

Earned in cubs but it's been sitting in Chris's drawer for a few weeks. Oops.

Earned in cubs but it’s been sitting in Chris’s drawer for a few weeks. Oops.


duchess at training

“If the Duchess can find the time…”

Here’s a quick video and we agree with every word of it!

I sat next to the Duchess at Training…

Ok, not as catchy as the famous limerick that begins in a similar fashion but not even Duchesses get away without doing their training


Everybody in scouting who helps out more than once a month has to do some introductory training and the leaders do even more than that. Every section is led by at least one adult who is either in the middle of, or has finished, a 19 module training scheme that covers everything from the Data Protection Act to camping skills. Don’t worry, it’s all offered in bite-size chunks over a period of a few years.

Don’t let a lack of experience put you off volunteering, you name it and scouting can train you in it.

kate middleton training

There’s a role for everybody in scouting

Image courtesy of Popsugar (no responsibility taken for content of external sites)

Chil Chinese Chow

I popped into the hut and found a kitchen turning out quality Chinese food and all running on child labour. Very happy child labour!







Well done to all of them.

Fundraise as you shop – please do this

We’ll hear this week how much we raised on the litter picking, we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

In the meantine:

If every family does this and spends £250 on the internet between now and Christmas (including tesco, sainsbury’s, waitrose and asda), we would earn about £300 in a month ish. Just by sitting at a computer.

No effort fundraising:

We get a donation from hundreds of internet shops (all the big ones and many small ones) and it is so easy… you don’t need to register, fill in extra forms etc…

Simplest way

Go to our website: 5bs.org and click of the link at the bottom of the page

or look over there on the right… a big advert, just click click click >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

then just search the shop that you are buying from. It then sorts out all the payments etc…  why not bookmark our page for next time? Just use it as a portal to shop through.

Bookmark this ?

Never miss an opportunity

Download and install the toolbar and it will make sure that you never miss a chance to donate to the 5th and it offers you bargains and deals from the shops you visit.

Click here to get the toolbar

Please take the time to do this. It’s free money for us. Sometimes the donations are quite significant – i bought a bike rack in June from Evans for £140 and in return, we earned over £5 . Lots of £30 purchases add up to lots of £1 donations.  It costs nothing to you.


with the toolbar, i have the opportunity when i visit a page to click ‘yes’ to donate to the 5th. When i do that, it pings me first to a page of voucher codes etc that could save me money. It’s been rather useful on occasion.

Please give this a try. As we say, it’s free money.

Jamboree on the Internet all weekend at the hut

Thanks to our volunteer network techs, we managed to set up cat’s cradle of Ethernet cable (there is a joke in there about cat5 cable/ cat’s cradle but I’ve not had enough coffee to nail it)


We have 20 or so PCs set up for JOTI


As well as a raspberry pi or two to do an introduction to coding.


And we’ve got a brand new map to record all our contacts


this is the closest we had to a glamorous assistant.

I hope that we see all our beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers at the hut over the weekend to take part. All info is on our website about times etc

jamboree on the internet at the fifth – clicky

There is a webcam on there and a live map will be up.there to.record our contacts.

We have invited local troops to.take part too and all local leaders are v welcome. Please introduce yourself when you.arrive and we will alway have coffee brewing and the urn boiling.

Special thanks to Trinity School for their donation of 10 PCs last month. 

Family Fundraiser Tickets

Have you got your tickets yet?

Saturday 22nd Septmber 12-4pm @ the scout hut and grounds

Tickets: £5 adults, £3 kids includes food

please email for tickets, info etc or buy your tickets below

Name and address for tickets:

There’ll be a BBQ, pimms tent, archery, face painting, bouncy castle, crockery smashing and more


please get in touch with keeley if you can offer a raffle prize or have some inspiration for how to make the day even better.

Profit matching:

Do you work for a company that offers profit matching? (Many banks do this) Would you help us to double out money please?

Please invite family and friends to make this day a success.

We have to raise every penny that we spend and we either spend that money on boring stuff like utilities and insurance or cool stuff like go karts, archery kit etc! Nothing is wasted.

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