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Summer camp blogs

Apologies for the lack of a summer camp blog. The site had no mobile signal and there were no hotspots locally.  Hopefully you kept an eye on our Storify page that we’ve just updated again. Instagram pics uploaded occasionally when the wind changed and our phones got a bit of connection, here it is if you missed it (photos and videos to follow during the week):

Click Here for Summer Camp Storify

Super Sunday for the scouts.

The breakfast post was earlier so here are a few more pics from after that.


There was grass sledging


An assault course
(and a tunnelling/ caving session… Pics on camera)


One quick trip to get a burn looked at… He’s fine but the bandages are awesome


Fr Ashley celebrated Mass for us.


Stop! Hammock time.


This shelter is awesome.


The chefs are making.our dinner


Which looks awesome.

Brekker for the Brussels


Jack sorted out the leaders


The scouts cooked their own.


With toast!





Mouth watering…


That is muck, not a black eye


fried bread




Special guest

Happy Explorer Leader

happy Phil by cmbe1
happy Phil, a photo by cmbe1 on Flickr.

Phil Make Fire. Phil Happy.

duchess at training

“If the Duchess can find the time…”

Here’s a quick video and we agree with every word of it!

We could get used to this

So we come downstairs and breakfast is laid out for us…


Muesli, cocopops or gold nugget thingimies


Nuttella, jam. Butter, honey or two types of cheese


Milk (fresh, not uht) choco milk, orange juice and bottled water


Fresh crusty bread


Espresso, normal coffee, tea and hot chocolate

Perfect for a chilly day in Bruges but first we will pop up to the In Flanders Field museum

Busy Summer at The Hut

There’s been plenty of work happening at the scout hut this summer. Here’s a taste of some of it. 

Hammocking success


After all the build up, the hammocks were a great success. Now we just have to plan to use them again.

Camp dismissed


And we left nothing but the marks where we had pitched our tents.

Nights Away Badges earned this camp

We’ve been counting every night away for every member of The Fifth since they joined, Our beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers have completed a magnificent 2,869 Nights Away between them. This Summer Camp, we’ve been able to give out a big batch of badges this summer to scouts and young leaders who’ve earned them.


75 Nights Away

Sean Hubbard

50 Nights Away

Thomas Colville
Tom Martin

35 Nights Away

Luke Bale
Luke Cavalli
Michael Frost
Samuel Hilton
Charlie Stratford
George Wisniewski-Smith

20 Nights Away

William Andrews
Rory Galley
Matthew Martin
Eoin McLaughlin
Gina Percival
Oliver Ridge
Molly Shooter
Luke Williamson
Thomas Wisniewski-Smith

10 Nights Away

Lizzie Barber
Alfie Bashford
Michael Gough
Billy Groves
Oliver Meade
Caitlin Mullane
Teddy Toynton

5 Nights Away

Louise Mascall
Grace Mullane
Cormac Shipley

Congratulations to all of them!



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