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Badger’s Five Year Award

Thank you Lisa from all of us for your (now more than) five years with The Fifth.

lisa award 5 years thank you

duchess at training

“If the Duchess can find the time…”

Here’s a quick video and we agree with every word of it!

Brother and Sister Nights Away Milestones

Congratulations to brother and sister Frank and Grace who both reached big milestones in the Nights Away Scheme last week.

Grace receives her 20 Nights Away Badge

Grace receives her 20 Nights Away Badge

Frank receives his 35 Nights Away

Frank receives his 35 Nights Away


B-R-A-V-O to both of them

B-R-A-V-O to both of them

Nights Away Badges earned this camp

We’ve been counting every night away for every member of The Fifth since they joined, Our beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers have completed a magnificent 2,869 Nights Away between them. This Summer Camp, we’ve been able to give out a big batch of badges this summer to scouts and young leaders who’ve earned them.


75 Nights Away

Sean Hubbard

50 Nights Away

Thomas Colville
Tom Martin

35 Nights Away

Luke Bale
Luke Cavalli
Michael Frost
Samuel Hilton
Charlie Stratford
George Wisniewski-Smith

20 Nights Away

William Andrews
Rory Galley
Matthew Martin
Eoin McLaughlin
Gina Percival
Oliver Ridge
Molly Shooter
Luke Williamson
Thomas Wisniewski-Smith

10 Nights Away

Lizzie Barber
Alfie Bashford
Michael Gough
Billy Groves
Oliver Meade
Caitlin Mullane
Teddy Toynton

5 Nights Away

Louise Mascall
Grace Mullane
Cormac Shipley

Congratulations to all of them!



Seven years under canvas with The Fifth

How about some facts and figures? Camping is the best thing that we do in scouts and we recognise that with badges for the young people as they move through the sections.

2,464 nights away among our 155 under 18s

That’s nearly 7 years away.

Between the cubs scouts and explorers:

  • only 5 young people have not been on a residential experience with us (and of those 5, 3 joined this term)
  • all the explorers have been on a residential.
  • I don’t include the beavers in this bit because they have 12 who do not have nights away badges but Badger and Squirrel have a sleepover planned next month

29 beavers – 17 have a nights away badge

and a sleepover is planned in July so that will round up the rest of them

  • 11 have 2 or more

Cub Camp 2012 Group Picture

41 cub – 38 have a nights away badge

  • 32 have 5 or more
  • 14 have 10 or more

55 scouts – 53 have a nights away badge

  • 40 have 5 or more
  • 38 have 10 or more
  • 19 have 20 or more
  • 3 have 35 or more

Switzerland Trip 2011 Group Photo

31 explorers – all 31 have a nights away badge

  • 29 have 5 or more
  • 25 have 10 or more
  • 22 have 20 or more
  • 12 have 35 or more
  • 9 have 50 or more
  • 7 have 75 more
  • 1 has 121 nights away

And every single one of these has been run by our 100% volunteer team of leaders

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