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Moshi Monsters: Moshi Movies

With Christmas coming, we should mention this now. We received Moshi Monsters: Moshi Movies animation kit and we’ll break it out soon to give it a play but we already love the Hue webcam so this looks promising.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 09.58.34This isn’t a review, obviously, but it gets brilliant reviews elsewhere and 5 stars on amazon. As they gave one to the group for free, I think it’s only fair to give them a bit of publicity:

Use this complete kit to create your own stop motion animated Moshi Monsters movies; great fun for all! Suitable for all ages from 5 and up.
Approved for Windows and Mac OS X. The kit contains software, a HUE camera, backdrops, cut-out features and a step-by-step animation guide.
Upload your movies to YouTube, email them to your family and friends or save them to your computer.
The animation package is recommended by teachers for use in schools throughout the UK.
HUE was the camera of choice for the Tate Movie Road Show. HUE Animation (“It’s genius…” The Sun) was a 2013 Dad’s Choice Awards winner.

You can make Moshi Movies like this pretty much instantly:


And no, of course you are not restricted to just Moshi Monsters, the kit will animate anything your imagination can create.

You can buy the Moshi Monsters:Moshi Movie kite from amazon



The scout who broke the bank at Monte Carlo.


Thunder Christmas Party


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