Have you considered a legacy to the 5th Beckenham South (was the 47th Beckenham)?


The 47th Beckenham was formed in 1946 and we became the 5th Beckenham South in the 60s. We still camp, we still go on hikes, we parade at St Edmund’s, we give our boys and girls wonderful adventures: memories and friendships are created at the 5th that last forever.

Check out the history of the group

We do brilliant work and we do it all with the money that we fundraise.

Do you have happy memories of the 47th or the 5th? Could you help us provide more scouting for years to come?

Have you seen our history galleries?

Have you thought about leaving a legacy to the 5th?

We’re one of the biggest groups in the county and we’re always looking to do more with more kids.

Here’s the 47th on their first ever camp:

And there’s 20,000 photos and counting of history on the website, so have a look to see if you’re there.

We are a registered charity no 1011301 and you can check out all our information on the Charity Commission Website, (just search for 1011301)

Would you like to leave a legacy to the 5th? We can help you with the wording and explain how it would be spent. Give us a call on 020 8778 5746 or email [[email protected]

Some things haven’t changed and some things are bigger than the founders could have dreamed.

‘briefly then Father Byrne, Rector of St. Edmund’s, commissioned me to start a Scout Troop and after some manipulations on the part of Father Fooks, the curate, four lads appeared……  they came to my own house and we started with the Tenderfoot Badge, Scout Law and Promise……the foundation members are Michael Mace, David Elvin, Brian Bell and Brian Colwell…… ‘ Thus Captain Richard Garnett recorded the beginnings of the Group. continues here

and here’s the troop in the Alps in 2008: