Our Census figures are in and our numbers are looking good.

The census is a snapshot of our membership on the 31st January and although we were slightly down on last year, we’re going to grow again slightly soon.

One thing is obvious, the growth of the group is dependent on the support of our volunteers.

stacked numbers amended Legend for graph

The more adults that we recruit as volunteers, the more young people can enjoy everyday adventure at The Fifth. Tina has joined the beaver team (massive welcome) and that will allow us to take a few more into that section but our big plan has to be to open another beaver colony.

We have 84 beaver-age girls and boys on the waiting list.

They’re unlikely to get a place

That’s enough for at least 3 new colonies locally. 

Keep an eye out for our recruitment drive or step forward now to help us open a second colony.

We’re also looking for volunteers (regular or occasional) for the scouts and explorers. Both sections are flourishing but more help means more fun and adventure. Please email to find out what’s involved.